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Required Dress

Children's Ballet, Creative Dance, and Pre-School Dance:

For girls - pink tights, black leotard with no skirt, soft pink ballet shoes with elastic.  Hair must be off neck and securely tied back.  Buns are required for Level II and above.For boys - black or gray pants, white t-shirt, white ballet shoes with elastic, white socks, and dance belt.


Jazz and Tap:

Any color and any style leotard and tights or biker shorts.  Jazz pants and a close fitting top may also be worn.  Jazz shoes or light tennis shoes for jazz classes.  Tap shoes are required for tap classes.  Plastic warm-up attire, baggy t-shirts, sweat shirts, and sweat pants are not allowed in class.  Hair must be off neck and securely tied back.

Parent & Child Class:

Play clothes such as a t-shirt and shorts, or leggings.  No shoes are necessary as dancers can be in bare feet.  Leotards, tights, and ballet shoes may be worn.

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